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Keeping an eye on your competitors

Having an idea of who your competitors are and monitoring their strategies can hugely help with how you present your marketing, products and services to potential customers and clients. Knowing your competitors is just as important as knowing your industry. This will help with creating your own effective marketing strategies, leading towards making your business stand out. While there is a lot more competition these days for businesses in general, it’s always practical to keep an eye out on what content your competitors are creating. Then you can analyse this and look at developing a strong marketing strategy as well improvements to your own products and services. Also improving your content creation along the way.

Why should you check out your competitors?

There are 3 reasons why it’s necessary. To be one step ahead, to generate for what not to do, and to be the best.

Monitoring other business’ content creation can help understand what your target market and audience is engaged in. This engagement can change throughout the year depending on outside circumstances and changes in consumer buying behaviour. By looking at competitors’ social media channels, you can see the type of content which is most popular and has the most interactions. You can then highlight solutions for any issues your business may be facing within content creation and marketing. Having a greater understanding of the problems that competitors are solving and how your target audience relates is another effective way to gain more insight.

Having a competitive strategy

All businesses should have a ‘competitive monitoring strategy’, whereby you can get to know the product developments of your competitors more. This results in a greater understanding of how each competitor works. Having tools to analyse that aspect will help save resources and time which is valuable to your business.

Achieving a more extensive insight into the competitors who are less direct is just as effective as monitoring the most similar competitors to your business. So look at how the less direct companies are doing and how they’re communicating within your industry. ‘Kompyte’ have found methods from on monitoring your competition. These methods include:

  • Investing in industry research and reporting.
  • Asking your customer how they feel about the industry climate and your competition.
  • Attending a competitor’s conference.

Investing in research within your industry can help ‘scoop’ out any new developments from your competitors. It also actively keeps your business up to date with any new trends and changes to the industry. You will be prepared for any surprises, such as promotional campaigns or new products.

Learning from mistakes

If other competitors make mistakes, you can learn from them, in order for your business to not make any similar mistakes. As well as that, this can help you create a solution to a specific problem which may arise. Now you have more information to keep an eye out on your competitors’ marketing strategies. Start conducting research and find out who the most successful competitors are. Create an action plan to focus on analysing marketing strategies and insights. Then you’ll be working towards becoming ‘one step ahead’ of all your competitors.

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