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5 ways your business can be more eco-friendly

Having an eco-friendly business is not only responsible, but it can also help to grow your customer base. Studies show that people favour buying from an environmentally friendly business. Having an eco-friendly business model can help your company flourish in more ways than one.

Here are some tips on how your business can become more sustainable.

1. Start a cycle-to-work scheme

Cycling to work has lots of benefits, including improved vascular health, better sleep, a reduction in pollution as well as travel expenses.

As an employer, you can sign up to a bike-to-work scheme, where your employees can save 25-39% of the cost of a new bike and accessories. Employers can recover the full cost of the bike and utilise more money-saving benefits. So use this scheme to get fit, save some money and reduce your carbon footprint! Visit Cyclescheme for more information.

2. Source goods from local businesses

Not only is investing in locally-sourced goods a savvy financial incentive, but it also stops tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere because of shipping. Support other local businesses, lower the world’s thermostat and dedicate yourself to supporting your community.

3. Choose green energy suppliers and partners

A relatively easy, eco-friendly choice your business can make is to use a green energy supplier. There is an increasing number of energy suppliers who use power from renewable sources. Most are very cost-effective too. So shop around!

Also, it’s not just your energy suppliers you should consider. Try to partner with other like-minded, eco-conscious companies wherever possible. From sustainable, raw material suppliers to eco-friendly website hosts, there are numerous green partners out there. You can ensure your whole network is as environmentally friendly as possible.

4. Create a green space

Create a healthy, more eco-friendly workplace by making it greener. A famous study from NASA concluded that house plants could remove nasty chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde from indoor air. Plants cleanse the air.

Also, you could use your free window sills to grow fresh herbs for staff to use at lunchtimes.

5. Be the change

Promote sustainability within your workplace and community by getting involved in things like tree-planting initiatives and charity events. If there aren’t initiatives in your local area, why not organise some yourself? Use your power as a business to drive change and promote your green thinking and values.

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