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New to recruiting? Top 7 tips that will help you 

How do you know when you’ve been successful in your recruitment strategy? You find high-quality candidates with relevant experience and qualifications. Essentially, you find what you’re looking for. And not just one candidate, but a multiple to choose from. 

Whether you’re entering a new role as a recruitment consultant, hiring for your employer, or hiring for your business, these top 7 tips will help you navigate recruiting.   

  1. First utilise employee referrals 

Just like using referrals to grow your business, you can use referrals to grow your team. Plus, implementing a rewarding employee referral programme is a great way to build rapport with your current employees. Referrals also mean you have an element of rapport instantly with the candidates you’ll be interviewing. 

  1. Interview Rubics 

An Interview Rubics helps you determine the desired elements you want from the candidate. After the interview, you can then score each candidate using the metric and the Rubics will help you in your decision making process. Read more about the Interview Rubics on the Indeed website here

  1. Write better job descriptions 

Your ability to find the right candidates lies with you. And the first thing they’ll use to determine if they’re interested in working at your company is the job description. Consider things like your tone, the salary, how easy and clear it is to apply, a brief overview of these in the job description, and lastly an overview of the benefits the company can bring to the employee. 

  1. Simplify the application process 

Lengthy and complex application processes that ask for large amounts of unnecessary information, or for candidates to copy out detailed information from their CV, often turn away candidates. And companies risk turning away high-quality candidates. If you use a software, ensure it’s user-friendly and bug-free. And ideally send automated responses after a candidate submits an application to let them know you’ve received it.  

  1. Offer competitive compensation 

Although compensation is rarely the only factor a candidate considers when job hunting, it’s certainly a big one. Ensure the salary is clearly stated in the job ad and consider what other benefits you can offer your new hire. Employees who feel valued and looked after are much more likely to stay long-term with a company, and show more dedication to their work. 

  1. Embrace remote work 

More and more employees are now wanting to work remotely, while having opportunities throughout the year to meet as a team and attend team building activities. Consider how your company can offer remote working opportunities. It will certainly give you access to a much larger pool of candidates. 

  1. Leverage technology 

There are a multitude of different places you can place your job ads, ensuring you utilise them will help you reach more high-quality candidates. These include LinkedIn Job section, Indeed, Glassdoor, your social media pages, social media pages of those you have partnerships with, your email newsletters and email marketing campaigns, and bulletins of clubs and organisations you have relationships with. 

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