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7 ways to beat procrastination

We all have those days where we feel unmotivated and easily distracted by other things around us and this is where procrastinating comes into place. You have an important task to do, however you seem to keep putting it off and leaving it to another day or to the last minute. We end up in a cycle of not using our free time more wisely and distract ourselves with other things that aren’t a priority.

Here are some tips to help manage the procrastination and allow you to feel more confident approaching those important tasks:

  1. Break the work down into smaller steps. Sometimes focusing on all important tasks at once or looking at a larger task as a whole can be overwhelming. Look at the task and see how you can break it down to smaller steps. This will then eventually lead you to completing the large task altogether.
  2. Change where you’re completing the task. Having the ability to change the environment you’re in whilst working can help with your productivity. Look at altering your workspace or find a coffee shop to sit in, giving you a different atmosphere.
  3. Set realistic deadlines. Creating a timeline and deadlines to follow will help with putting your work into smaller steps and you’ll be able to focus on one step at a time within that timeframe. You’ll have a date/time to work towards which will help reduce the need to procrastinate.
  4. Reduce the notifications which cause the distractions. Procrastination can start when a notification on your phone or computer appears. Reduce distractions by turning your notifications off on all devices and activating a ‘do not disturb’ option.
  5. Being kind to yourself. Forgive your previous self for the procrastination you did and this will help you move forward with future tasks and reduce the stress surrounded by completing an important task.
  6. Work with someone else. Working with a ‘buddy’ can be really helpful when you need to be held accountable for any procrastination carried out. You can also help your ‘buddy’ out with their time management and goals, also learning how they work through their important tasks, taking any helpful advice from them.
  7. Create fun around the work. There can be many ways to keep yourself motivated whist carrying out your work tasks, such as playing your favourite music playlist or having something to look forward to after you’ve finished the task.

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