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Useful Whatsapp features

Over the last few years, WhatsApp has gone from being just another messaging system, to one that is integral in our day-to-day business. There are so many aspects of it that are very useful, and yet rarely used…

WhatsApp for the web

Using WhatsApp on your desktop is great for those who love a standard keyboard and a larger screen, and you can bring it into your day-to-day work life. Easy communication with colleagues via groups, and quick responses to messages. Plus it’s also a simple way to transfer large files between your phone and computer. Simply go to to download.

Pin a chat to the top

The amount of chats in a day can mean your nearest and dearest get lost, but you can pin people or groups to the top of your list. Simply swipe left to right on their name, and choose Pin.

Share your current location

Are you a business that visits customers at their location? Ask them to send you their current location via WhatsApp, that way you have a pin showing exactly where they are. Click +, Location, Send your current location.

Dictate your message

By using the microphone on the keyboard of your phone, you can talk and it will dictate. Highly accurate and very quick.

 WhatsApp call

Gone are the days of the signal not being good enough, use the phone icon on WhatsApp and you can call using Wifi.


Everyone is part of lots of WhatsApp groups these days – schools, friends, work and even neighbours. Mute the messages you do not want to see straightaway. Click on the contact name, choose mute, and select 8 hours, 1 week (great for holidays) or always.

WhatsApp for business

Just like WhatsApp, but on a different platform. This free app allows you to add your branding, business hours and more. It sets boundaries for customer communication, so you can continue to use your own WhatsApp for personal use, and leave the customer communication to working hours. You can have one account for up to 4 devices, so team members can use it too – and you can use a landline number to set it up, keeping your mobile for personal use.

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