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Key tips to improve your company website

An accessible and effective website for your business is a key element to have when trying to gain more customers. There are many factors you can improve in a website that can help boost customer traffic as well as supporting the marketing and growth aspects of your business. The key to a successful website is being able to balance high performing content and good user experience.

Since we are living more in a digital age, it’s more important now than ever to have an efficient website for your business so you can network with even more customers and gain a larger number of sales. Also with the digital age beaming, businesses are online now more than ever so you’ll be competing with other similar businesses to gain the lead on customer traffic to your website. So having a website that stands out, is easy to access and to navigate is a good start and investment of your time.

Here are 10 tips to improve your website:

  1. Use white space – white space around text and titles can help to increase the attention of the user, as well as helping to make your website come across as more modern and open.
  2. Optimising the page speed – look at making sure the time it takes to load another page or refer back to the homepage isn’t a slow process. The attention span for a user accessing content in this modern day is a lot less; aim to have the page loading speed on your website the quickest it can be.
  3. Have effective calls to action – this helps with site navigation and shows clear actions which your customer can take. If you are using buttons, consider the colour and also the words used for the buttons which can help attract the customer more to using the call to action.
  4. Have hyperlink differentiation – keep different links separate, so they are easy to identify through visual aspects.
  5. Organise key information into bullet points – keeping text concise is a good way to keep the attention of the customer. It allows the customer to get all the information they need in a shorter space of time.
  6. Use visual content effectively – have real images that support and relate to your business, not just general stock photography. Breaking the text up on the website with visual content is a good way to keep customers engaged.
  7. Have strong headlines that are designed well – the headlines are one of the first pieces of text a customer visiting your website will see. Look at how you can target your customer audience with making the initial headlines stand out and having keywords that help to target your USP within your business.
  8. Remember to be consistent with each webpage – make sure that each webpage of your website is similar and matches together. So having the same font, colour styles, overall design, title design, and other elements will help to keep consistency within the website.
  9. Make sure there are no error pages – the standard 404 error page will stir people away from visiting those sites again. So keep an eye out for a potential error page that may arise on your website.
  10. Have a mobile-friendly version – many customers now will visit a website on their smartphones, so it’s important to have an accessible mobile-friendly version of your website that is clear to view on a smartphone.

Keeping track of the statistics of customers visiting your website can be obtained via Google Analytics and helps to improve your marketing and where the changes need to be made if customer traffic is lacking in one particular area of your website.

As your customer engagement on your website grows, remember to also include any testimonials and reviews of your business so the customer can see where you have succeeded in helping other businesses and customers. Another effective tool to have within your website is having regular blog posts, news and articles. This helps to keep your website updated and a customer will be able to see that you are actively engaging in researching and bringing out interesting content related to your business.

If you spend time taking these steps to improve your website, you’ll see a large difference in customers visiting your website and hopefully engaging with the products and services you offer.

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